Its been a while….

Hello folks,

It’s been a while since we last spoke but I return after spending the latter half on an exciting project as EMC’s architect of the EMC Data Computing Appliance, working closely with Greenplum’s platform team in understanding what the best balanced Data Warehousing solution should consist of in terms of compute, storage and network.

My design did well and beat Exadata v2 in the mainstream metrics with massive scale-out ability.  22GByte/sec read bandwidth without tweaking was great to achieve.

It was an interesting exercise, working with vendors such as Brocade engineering in getting the best from all hardware.  I burn my summer on it, but I absolutely loved it.  Linux, an MPP database architecture and DW-style database architecture was a wild difference to what I do day-to-day in Microsoft land, but it wasnt hard once one has the interest to do it – and boy, was I interested in being involved in such a project, leading a supreme engineering team out of Cork to pull off a major project in a minor number of months. 

But, I’m back and am working with our Proven Solutions teams in creating real (not suggested servings) solutions for real customers on Microsoft platforms, being SQL and SharePoint centric.  VNX came out, FASTVP on Symmetrix came out, Proven Solutions teams working their socks off in generating serious whitepapers, solving serious issues – those Whitepapers will be stored in a new page found at the top of the frame, called Documents and Whitepapers.  Feel free to browse.  I will update as interesting whitepapers and solutions and demos appear…

EMC World 2011 and Tech-Ed USA 2011 are coming….back-to-back….Vegas then Atlanta – we’ll be there……

See you there….


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